Iska イスカ CV:小林裕介


A boy prodigy who was awarded the Empire’s highest title for military achievements "the St. Apostle" at the youngest age in history.
He is 16 years old, and wields the special double-edged sword "the Star Blade." The reason he throws himself into battles is to end the long-standing war. Soft and mild-mannered, but he will stand firm against the things that go against his beliefs.

Aliceliese Lou Nebulis Ⅸ アリスリーゼ・ルゥ・ネビュリス9世 CV:雨宮天


The Second Princess of the Nebulis Sovereignty.
She is 17 years old, and a powerful astral elementaler of Ice. Feared as "the Ice Calamity Witch" by the people of the Empire.
The reason she holds the overthrow of the Empire as a goal is to create a world where no one would be oppressed and persecuted.
Rarely shows emotion on the battlefield, but she is sensitive and compassionate at heart.

Nene Alkastone 音々・アルカストーネ CV:石原夏織


The topnotch mechanical engineer of N07 Unit to which Iska belongs.
Highly skilled at handling any kind of weapons and machineries. Is also known as an outstanding researcher. She is cheerful, light-hearted and winsome.
She attaches herself to Iska and calls him "My Bro, Iska."

Mismis Klass ミスミス・クラス CV:白城なお


Commander of N07 Unit to which Iska belongs.
Though not good at firsthand combat, she is a very capable leader who respects the judgment of her squad members and is able to respond well to their subtle displays of emotions. She is of small build and owns a baby face, often childlike in her speech and demeanor, but is in fact 22 years old, a fully grown-up adult.

Jhin Syulargun ジン・シュラルガン CV:土岐隼一


The trustworthy sniper of N07 Unit to which Iska belongs.
Cool and composed under any circumstances. Trained with Iska under the same tutor, so their relationship goes way back.
He is blunt and bad-mouthed but thoughtful of his comrades at heart, a really cool guy.

Rin Vispose 璃洒・イン・エンパイア CV:竹達彩奈


Fifth seat to the Saint Disciples. Serves as special counsel to the Defense Council. A singular prodigy in a multitude of diverse fields. She is friendly and approachable, but acutely diligent. She's the sort of leader to order the N07 Unit into harm's way with a smile. She is on good terms with Mismis.

Rin Vispose 燐・ヴィスポーズ CV:花守ゆみり


Aide and maid to Aliceliese.
An astral elementaler of Earth, and an expert fighter who is skilled in all martial arts.
Very good at assassination techniques as well, and can assess any situation accurately. She is committed to Aliceliese whom she idolizes, but has a hard time coping with Aliceliese’s whimsical behaviors, too.

シスベル・ルゥ・ネビュリス9世 CV:和氣あず未


Third Princess of the Nebulis Sovereignty. An astral mage, she is able to conjure auditory and visual illusions. In her youth, she was a feisty little tomboy evenly matched in skill to Aliceliese, but she has since become a bit of a hermit and tends to avoid getting involved with people.

ミラベア・ルゥ・ネビュリス8世 CV:久川 綾


Current Queen of the Nebulis Sovereignty. Mother of three daughters Elletear, Aliceliese, and Sisbell. She nurses a grudge against an empire that has unjustly persecuted astral mages and will proudly proclaim that the wholesale annihilation of the Empire is a true astral mage's deepest wish.

仮面卿 CV:緑川 光


The acting head of the Zoa family. Do not mistake him for a gentleman just because of his black suit and mask. Beneath the surface, he is a violent extremist urging total war against the Empire. Behind the scenes a secret conflict rages among himself, the queen, and the Lou family.

キッシング・ゾア・ネビュリス9世 CV:小原好美


The treasured child of the Zoa family. A thorn astral mage able to unleash countless black needles, she can both destroy all that she pierces and reconstruct it. Her power is said to exceed even that of Alice. She is emotionless and prone to mumbling.

ネームレス CV:笠間 淳


The eighth seat of the Saint Disciples. An assassin draped in optical camouflauge and without equal in combat, he cannot tolerate any obstacles to his actions and will mercilessly execute his mission without heed to friend or foe. There is a cool rationality to everything he does.

イリーティア・ルゥ・ネビュリス9世 CV:沢城みゆき


First Princess of the Nebulis Sovereignty. Renowned as an unrivaled beauty of elegance and grace, she has widespread popular support to succeed the throne. Her bright and social demeanor leaves her in the good graces of the other noble bloodlines. She is deeply worried about the future of the Empire.