「魔女 ―月と星と太陽のダンス―」

Witch: Dance Between the Moon, the Planet, and the Sun

暗殺未遂事件の犯人が次に狙うのは、事象を再現して犯人を特定できる星霊を宿すシスベルかもしれない。 警戒を強めるイスカたちは、ホテルに潜伏してミラベアとの謁見の機を待つほかなかった。 ところが、ホテル付近で大きな爆発が発生。 シスベルが状況を再現しようとすると、再現中の“影”と同じ人物が襲いかかってくる。

The suspect who attempted the assassination may target Sisbell next, since she hosts an astral spirit with the ability to reenact the past and identify the suspect. Unit N07 goes on high alert and is left with no other option but to hide at a hotel and wait for an audience with Mirabella. However, a large explosion occurs near the hotel. When Sisbell tries to reenact what really happened, someone with the same "shadow" from the reenactment starts to attack her.


「魔女 ―姉妹戦争―

Witch: War Between the Sisters (AKA Alice Explodes)

リースバーテンでイスカと偶然の再会を果たしたアリスは、彼が皇庁にいる理由を探るため、燐とともに尾行を開始する。 図らずも、捜索対象者のシスベルがイスカに接触。 二人の雰囲気はまるでデートのようで、真面目な尾行のはずが、アリスはイライラを募らせていく。追い打ちを掛けるかのように、二人の距離が急接近して……。

After fate pulls Alice and Iska together again, this time at Riesbarten, Alice, along with Rin, decides to tail him to find out why he is at the Sovereignty. Unexpectedly, Sisbell, who has been missing, comes in contact with Iska. It even appears as if the two are dating, causing Alice to become increasingly annoyed, even though this was supposed to be a serious tailing. To put a nail in her coffin, the two rapidly grow closer...


「魔女 ―星の運命―」

Witch: Planet's Fate

アリスとともに帝国と皇庁の謀略を打ち破り、シスベルを守り切ったイスカたちは、アルサミラでの休暇を楽しんでいた。 ところが、シスベルは皇庁へ帰還しておらず、休暇中のN07部隊に王宮までの護衛を依頼。 イスカたちは願ってもない報酬を提示される。 一方、アリスはシスベルの新たな護衛がイスカではないかと胸騒ぎを覚え……。

Joining forces with Alice, Iska and his team quash the Empire and the Sovereignty's conspiracy and successfully protect Sisbell. After the ordeal, they travel to Alsamira to enjoy their vacation. However, Sisbell has not returned to the palace yet, and asks Unit N07 on vacation to escort her back, offering something they can’t refuse. Meanwhile, Alice gets a gut feeling that Sisbell's new bodyguard might be Iska...


科学技術が発達した、機械仕掛けの理想郷「帝国」。 超常の力・星霊術を駆使し、“魔女の国”と恐れられる
「ネビュリス皇庁」。 二国は長きにわたる戦争を続けてきた――。 帝国の最高戦力イスカと皇庁の王女にして
なった。 独立国家アルサミラで帝国と皇庁の謀略を打ち砕いた二人は、 再会を誓ってそれぞれの道へと進むが、
意外な形でその約束を果たす。 アリスの妹シスベルと取り引きを交わし、
護衛として皇庁に潜入するイスカ。 シスベルの捜索隊として皇庁の都市リースバーテンを
訪れるアリス。 偶然の再会は二人の心をさらに燃え上がらせるが…… 同時に皇庁内では帝国の内通者「純血種・被検体E」が暗躍し、 帝国の「特務・女王捕獲計画」が動き出そうとしていた。 否応なく引き裂かれようとするイスカとアリスは、 その運命に抗うことができるのか――。

"The Empire": a mechanized utopia with highly developed science and technology. "The Nebulis Sovereignty": a nation feared as the "Land of the Witches" whose people use paranormal power. The two nations have been at war for a long time. Iska, the strongest knight of the Empire, and Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX, the princess of the Sovereignty who is also called Ice Calamity Witch, got to know each other through fierce battles, and they became worthy rivals who are drawn to each other for who they were and their ideals. After destroying the ploys of the Empire and the Sovereignty at the independent nation of Alsamira, the two promised to see each other again and went their separate ways. But that promise came true rather unexpectedly. Iska makes a deal with Sisbell, the little sister of Alice, and infiltrates the Sovereignty disguised as a guard. Alice visits the city of Liesbaden in the Sovereignty to search for Sisbell. The chance reunion lights up the fire in their hearts once more. In the meantime, the spy from the Empire, "Purebred Subject E" is active behind the scenes in the Sovereignty, and the Empire’s secret mission, A Plot for the Queen's Assassination-Turned-Capture, is about to begin. Whether they like it or not, fate is about to tear Iska and Alice apart. Will they resist fate, or...?